By John Lauritsen

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With all the rain we’ve had this spring, mowing season is in full swing.

Lately, conditions have been almost perfect for lawns to green up and grow.

But a lot of people struggle to find time to mow, which may be one reason that online lawn services are growing.

Dan Murray doesn’t just mow his own yard, he’s taking care of two other neighbors as well.

It’s part of a rotation they use to make sure their lawns are cut and trim.

“Whenever we have the opportunity, it depends. Whenever someone has some free time we just kind of come out and do it,” Murray said. “I like mowing lawns and you get a little exercise.”

Like it or not, the number of people willing to pay for a worry-free lawn is on the rise.

Lawn care apps of convenience are becoming more and more common. And not just for homeowners but for businesses as well.

“The homeowner doesn’t pay until after the service has been completed and they are happy with the work,” said Gene Caballero, the owner of GreenPal.

GreenPal is an app that allows homeowners to request the time and date they want their lawn mowed. That alerts lawn care services in the area.

“Those vendors bid on that lawn, it goes to the homeowner, they can review the vendor by their rating, reviews and price, and then select who they want to work with,” Caballero said.

Caballero calls it “Uber for lawn care,” and he’s far from alone.

New lawn care apps are coming out yearly. And it’s estimated that about 50% of Americans now hire someone else to mow for their money.

“I think people are really about the convenience factor and not having to deal with stuff on their own,” Murray said. “And if someone can do it for you and it’s a reasonable price and something you can afford, I think people are going for it. We are very service-oriented.”

Caballero said that there isn’t one specific demographic that hires his lawn care service.

It varies depending on who is willing to pay for time and convenience.

John Lauritsen