MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Sun Country Airlines says a human error resulted in a family’s personal information going to the wrong person.

“I thought that’s weird, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon,” Tricia Eiswald, from Burnsville, said.

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Eiswald is a frequent flier, which is why she was concerned when she got a flight confirmation email this week, that wasn’t hers, from SunCountry.com.

Eiswald clicked on the link and it pulled up a family of five’s account, including names, birth dates, and travel information.

“Their trip details, what seats they had, what credit cards they paid,” she said. “Right away, I was very alarmed.”

She wondered if it was part of a bigger problem, or if her information had been shared.

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WCCO reached out to Sun Country. They looked up both the flight info for the family as well as Eiswald’s flights to and from Las Vegas the week prior. They ultimately determined it was an isolated incident and the email was sent by mistake by an agent.

A spokesperson for Sun Country said in part:

“The safety and security of our passengers is our number one priority in the air and online. Based on our investigation of the issue, we have determined that this was caused by a single instance of human error, not a system or systematic failure.”

Sun Country said they will remind their team to review browser and proper security settings.

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A rep for the airline also said they tried to contact the family whose information was accidently sent. WCCO also reached out, but did not hear back.