By Lisa Meadows

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – We’re a little more than two months away from the Great Minnesota Get-Together, but you can start planning your menu choices now.

Several new vendors and foods will be at the fairgrounds this year.

WCCO’s Lisa Meadows got the inside scoop from one of the newcomers.

“Oh my gosh, we got accepted into the fair and we are so excited!” said Kate Sidoti.

Sidoti is chef and owner of the restaurant Brim and is one of seven new vendors who scored a spot at the Minnesota state fair.

The Uptown Minneapolis restaurant sells all organic, mostly plant-based food so good they say you wouldn’t think it’s healthy.

“For me, I need healthy food, then I can eat the junkier fun stuff,” said Sidoti.

Forget fried, go with grilled and check out their grilled soda sandwich.

“Our sandwich is made with organic nuts fresh blueberries, low in sugar, but it’s also warm and gooey and toasty so it hits those salty creamy flavors,” explained Sidoti.

On those very hot fair days, you can put down the beer and pick up something brand new in a unique blue.

“We don’t use any artificial colors, it’s all natural ingredients,” said Sidoti. “The fair is really amazing in that they let us stay true to that.”

Along with the blueberry lemonade, they will also have a mint green lemonade and an iced coffee option.

“Everything is naturally flavored so we incorporated that into a joey mary,” Sidoti. “That’s our take of a coffee slushy with a skewer of gluten-free baked goods.”

An organic, natural and gluten-free fair food booth opening in just 65 days at the Minnesota state fair, but who’s counting?

Lisa Meadows