MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With the Minnesota Vikings’ offensive line looking to be in better shape for the upcoming season, many Vikings fans have high hopes for a successful season.

But one NFL analyst doesn’t share those high hopes for the Vikings.

Earlier this week, NFL Media’s Adam Rank went through all 32 NFL teams and predicted their record for each game of the regular season.

For Minnesota, he said the team will lose twice to the Packers, Bears and Lions, going 0-6 in the NFC North. And, according to Rank, the team doesn’t do much better around the league, going 5-11 for the regular season.

Additionally, Rank projects the Packers to have a 12-4 record, and the Bears a 13-3 record. He did say the Lions will get a 4-12 record, but would beat Vikings in both matchups.

His prediction didn’t go unnoticed by Vikings fans, with many sounding off on Twitter:

Comments (2)
  1. Philip Voerding says:

    Everyone has an opinion. I say the Vikings go 11-5. Had we won Green Bay instead of trying, we would have been in the playoffs. With even a somewhat improved offensive line, the Vikings will make the playoffs. My prediction.

  2. Richard Schamber says:

    Adam is a typical guy on the band wagon. #bears