MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – After being featured on WCCO’s “Pet of the Week” segment last week, Winkie, a senior pit bull with the Animal Humane Society, was reunited with his original owner, Daniel!

Winkie ended up at the AHS after he went missing in April, he’s been waiting for what seemed like forever to be adopted.

As Daniel’s mother settled to watch WCCO, his daughter Juliette recognized Winkie on television, screaming “Winkie! Winkie”!

The family immediately rushed to retrieve Winkie who was full of joy when they were reunited.

Winkie found his home again and completed the family, a true miracle!

  1. Tommy Johnson says:

    I would NOT give that dog back. They were watching WCCO, but not religiously checking shelters who may have picked up your missing dog as a stray? FAKE news, they were bad owners in the first place to let him get away, and then worse for not checking human society and other shelters daily to see if their missing family member showed up.