By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The 3M Open at TPC Twin Cities in Blaine is about the PGA Tour. But it’s also about the vision of Hollis Cavner, the man in the middle of everything that is golf.

Sit with Cavner and you can feel it. The ultimate golf promoter has upped his game, bringing the PGA to Minnesota.

“You know, we get one chance to make a first impression, and then, you know, we’re all excited as can be, but also nervous,” Cavner said. “This is a big undertaking.”

He’s taken this course over before many times, and he’s built a golf village before, but not for the PGA at the TPC.

“I’m riding around looking at things … and saying, you know, actually, we did it, we actually got here,” he said.

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Cavner is, by himself, a big story at this tournament. He worked his way up, befriended legends like Arnold Palmer, and became a self-made person to know in the golf industry. He is driven, it seems, by the next item on his professional bucket list, and that’s this week.

“We have to nail it,” Cavner said. “Everybody says, ‘When are you going to quit?’ I go, ‘I could never quit.’”

He won’t quit, because he’s found what he loves: an event, action and people. And yet, even with all the planning this week, he needs help from the uncontrollable Mother Nature.

“If we get a great week in Minnesota, this place will be packed to the gills,” he said. “We’ve sold tickets like crazy, our corporate sponsorships have been off the charts, our team has done a great job with that,” Cavner said.

And now he just needs to finish his dream, in one defining week.

“Huge fan zones up here that didn’t have before, craft beer gardens, food truck everywhere,” Cavner said. “This is our summer party.”

Mike Max