By Norman Seawright III

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The heat and the sun don’t really seem to scare anyone out here in Blaine because it’s the Fourth of July! You have the day off, why not come out to the 3M Open and enjoy some golf?

“It’s been great, though. You get to be able to get up so close. This is what I was hoping for,” said Eagan resident Dale Teal. “Not so crowded, because we were at the Ryder Cup. Oh my gosh, that was over-the-top crowded.”

The heat wasn’t too much of an obstacle for many fans.

“Just being outdoors and looking at the beautiful course,” said Diane Hedman of Maple Grove. “During one round, you could get a really nice shot, and it brings you back for the next round.”

Blaine Police Chief Brian Podany said they were well prepared going into this event.

“We’ve been doing a lot of planning ever since we found out that it was coming here. We had the senior event here in the past, so that was kind of a nice warmup, so to speak,” Podany said. “But now we’re really bringing out the numbers. We have a lot of people her, and it’s going really well.”

Thanks to all that planning between TPC Twin Cities and the City of Blaine, all these fans have to worry about is who they want to see – with Phil Mickelson and Brooks Koepka topping most of their lists.

“I’ve just seen him on TV my whole life, seeing him in person for the first time it’s going to be special, hopefully,” said Chris Kelly of Minnetonka.

And where they want to be on the course.

“We brought a couple chairs, so we can sit there right by the [18th] green and watch the guys,” Teal said.

The 9th and 18th holes are always popular spots, especially on the first day. Because when, say, Phil Mickelson finally passes through.

“[Seeing Phil Mickelson was] everything I thought it’d be and more,” Kelly said.

No matter how you decide to enjoy this tournament, do remember to stay hydrated. It’s hot out here.

Norman Seawright III

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