MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Before the sun went down on this Fourth of July in Minneapolis, the music turned up — and so did the energy level. Just a few yards from the Mississippi River, several friends settled in early for a poolside view of the “Red, White & Boom!” fireworks display.

“Perfect spot to watch the fireworks, sitting by the kid pool. It’s just a gathering of people, getting together,” said Jamie Heyroth of northeast Minneapolis

And they gathered in anticipation of a fiery sky.

“The big booming colors [laughs]!” said Liz Warner of northeast Minneapolis

The Motley’s from Edina shared in the northeast Minneapolis excitement.

“Hoping for a good time. No rain, and dry, dry, dry, and go Fourth of July!” said Tracy Motley.

But for some, like the parents of Ollie the dog, fireworks come with a little trepidation.

“He just turned 1 a couple of days ago, so we are going to hopefully set a good precedent for fireworks and celebration,” said Ollie’s owner.

Trace the dog has been through 13 Independence Days, and he’s going to spend this one solo.

“Trace is going to probably stay home because he’s had quite the long day,” said Trace’s owner.

A long and exciting day that will go out with a boom!

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield