OLMSTED COUNTY, Minn. (WCCO) – The end of the week brought more of the same to Oxbow Park in Byron. Just as the water started to recede from last week’s heavy rainfall, it got hit with a one-two punch.

(credit: CBS)

“We’ve seen damage like this before in the past, but we deal with it,” said crew leader Gene Enos.

Less than two weeks ago, flash floods in the Rochester area closed roads and caused widespread flooding.

Dramatic video also surfaced of cattle being swept away by rushing waters near Byron.

(credit: Eric Martinson)

County Road 105 was open for just about 48 hours before high water forced crews to close it down again Saturday morning.

“We are out assessing closing roads, assessing the damage so on Monday we can get a person out to get the roads back in shape,” Enos said.

About four miles east, it was a similar scene in downtown Rochester.

(credit: CBS)

The Parks and Recreation Department had to shut down walking paths in many city parks Saturday due to flooding.

The water was not only inconvenient for some but dangerous. First responders from the fire department had to rescue a man from a rapidly-flooding Kutzky Park.

(credit: Eric Martinson)

Officials say he was sleeping on a picnic table Saturday morning when the water started to rise. He was saved and taken to the hospital.

For now, officials in Rochester are urging residents to avoid any areas near rivers and streams until the water recedes.