MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – There was a full year of planning for the inaugural 3M Open, which was full of a lot more than just competition.

With the chance to reflect on the week that was, David McCoy caught up with the man who led the way.

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As Alan Cull looks out on the course that he leads, the general manager of TPC Twin Cities can’t help but feel full of pride in what his team pulled off this week.

“Quite frankly, it’s gone phenomenally,” Cull said. “The community has come out in full force and been very supportive this week, and we’re really pleased with the results.”

The course has held pro tournaments in the past, of course – the Champions Tour event was a staple here for years. But a PGA Tour event was a whole different animal and they learned a lot.

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“We didn’t know what we didn’t know, so the reality was that there was just a lot more bigness to the event, in the fact that you’ve got more fans, more players, more caddies, more family, more hospitality venues, more volunteers,” Cull said. “Being a new event, it came down to taking a lot of good notes throughout the week and seeing what we can tweak for next year to make it better, logistically but also operationally.”

The event was a financial boon for the course as well, not just from increased interest in membership, but also in reinvesting in the course itself. Cull said this tournament will pay for a bunker renovation project that will make it even better for years to come.

“I think from our members to our staff, the response has been incredible. We’ve got employees that are showing up on their days off and want to work for free because they’re having so much fun, so it’s really cool,” Cull said. “I couldn’t be prouder, and I’m so happy for our community, our members and our staff.”

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Cull said the course won’t officially get attendance numbers until likely Monday, but he estimates more than 100,000 spectators came to watch the action.