MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After an ongoing legal battle, a judge has ordered the Guthrie Theater to cease and desist from unfair labor practices.

The decision comes after employees Nate Saul and Molly Diers resigned in January 2018, saying the work environment at the theater was uncomfortable, particularly for women.

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The judgment handed down Monday said Diers had unfairly received a poor performance evaluation and that administration had broadly threatened employees for engaging in union-protected activities, like repeatedly reporting harassment in the workplace.

In addition to the cease and desist of unfair labor practices, the judgment orders the Guthrie to post notices of the decision throughout the building. Further, it orders the Guthrie to remove Diers’ poor performance rating from its files.

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In a statement sent to all Guthrie staff, a managing director James Haskins said:

“While we respectfully disagree with the decision of the judge, which found in favor of the former employee, we will not appeal the decision. We will post the NLRB’s remedy and recommended affirmative actions, which in summary include: amend the former employee’s performance evaluation; list current employees’ rights as defined by federal law; list actions the Guthrie will not take that could negatively impact current employees’ protected, concerted activity; and share the posting with current and past collective bargaining unit employees who worked for the Guthrie at any time since September 1, 2017.”


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