MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – In another tweet about the St. Louis Park controversy surrounding the Pledge of Allegiance, President Donald Trump predicted that he will win Minnesota in 2020 because people are “sick and tired of this stupidity and disloyalty to our wonderful USA.”

The president tweeted Thursday morning that the Pledge of Allegiance is “under siege” in St. Louis Park, where the city council decided last month to suspend recitation of the pledge in order to foster a more welcoming environment. The decision was upsetting to many in St. Louis Park and across the state.

A spokesperson for the City of St. Louis Park says they’ve received several phone calls and emails about the issue, many being verbally abusive and hostile.

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On Tuesday, Trump made his first comments on the controversy, saying that “outrage is growing in the Great State in Minnesota” while mischaracterizing the situation by implying that residents in St. Louis Park are losing the right to say the pledge.

In his second tweet Thursday, Trump predicted that the controversy in the Minneapolis suburb will get people to turn out to the polls for him in 2020.

Political expert Larry Jacobs says Trump may not be far off with the tweet.

“There’s no doubt that Donald Trump has been handed on a platter the kind of issue that has helped him win over Democrats who had voted for Barack Obama,” Jacobs said.

In 2016, Trump nearly won the historically blue state, losing to Democrat Hillary Clinton by a narrow 1.5% margin.

“It is giving him an issue that will help draw support from greater Minnesota and also pick up support in the suburbs of the metro area,” Jacobs said.

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As for the Pledge of Allegiance in St. Louis Park, the city council will meet with residents before deciding on whether or not to reinstate the pledge at a later date.

While there is no law that requires city councils to say the pledge, most of the city councils in Minnesota’s largest cities do. However, exceptions include Minneapolis, Robbinsdale and Edina.

Kate Raddatz

Comments (4)
  1. Virgil Anders says:

    This goes down as the stupidest move that I have ever seen a city council do. Apparently it was an attempted “palace coup” since the Mayor and one other member were not in attendance that evening. Looks as if the SLP Council has two much time on its hands, their reasoning was absurd – people should at least respect this country and its traditions if they wish to live here.

  2. People are “sick and tired of this stupid POTUS, Russia voted this bully in not the american’s. Virgil, traditions can change. Ever here of phrase “That was then, This is now”? I agree with respecting our country’s traditions and rules if you come from another country because I won’t go to africa and tell them I need this or that because I need to follow there rules or get out.

  3. Virgil Anders says:

    “Smoken Jo” I dislike present POTUS as much as you do but my comment had nothing to do with him, you and I agree on almost everything. To me traditions are just that and should continue. I respect your position as I hope you do mine as we hopefully agree to disagree on a friendly basis. Virg