MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A regional trucking company based in Minnesota has abruptly ceased operations.

On the company’s website, LME trucking of Roseville notified shippers that “but effective July 12, 2019 LME Inc. will no longer be making pickups or deliveries of freight due to unforeseen circumstances and have ceased operations.”

LME says the plan is to utilize an alternate carrier to get all freight delivered. Some staff is remaining to help with that.

“Freight handled by the alternative carrier will be billed by the alternative carrier but with your LME rates applied to the invoice. There will be some delays in the transits of these moves and they may be significantly delayed in some remote locations,” LME Inc. said in a statement.

According to several reports, the abrupt closure left hundreds of employees without a job.

LME’s website says the company operates across Midwest, with over 30 terminals throughout the region with over 600 men and women making up the LME team.

Comments (3)
  1. Chad Medrow says:

    Disgusting and greedy company. Pulled this same thing 2 years ago and then rebranded themselves. Pulling a page from the Art of the Deal. Don’t pay your employees, stiff your vendors and walk away unscathed.

  2. James Dunn says:

    The wage theft laws which were enacted this session go into effect Aug 1, but there should be a full court press on criminal investigations and charges for the routine fraud and abuse. We still have wage theft laws, and they should be fully enforced. Aren’t these worthy of a public investigation, or do we only do that when Senator Funnyman makes sexual references against our armed forces, or when our attorney general is accused of sexual assault, or things of that nature? Union or not, these truckers deserve answers as the motives behind all this.