MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Virginia man needed to be rescued after he became stranded in the middle of Lake Superior attempting to Jet Ski to Isle Royale earlier this month.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, the 42-year-old man attempted to Jet Ski from Grand Portage Marina to Isle Royale on July 7. He then became lost in the evening when he hit a bank of fog on the lake.

The man was able to call his friend from Florida who then called the sheriff’s office.

After coordination efforts between different entities, the man was rescued by a freighter. The man was found in good health.

The man was located roughly in the middle of Lake Superior, between Grand Portage and the Baraga State Forest Area in Michigan.

“The crew did a fantastic job in preparing the deck to retrieve him, of course, not knowing the condition of the jet skier if found. The weather was fair, but moderately chilly. And, after some time, the jet skier was found,” Captain Jonathan Barnes said.