MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This is the time of year when we all love to be outside. But does it feel like you spent more time outside when you were a kid than children do nowadays?

A new survey of adults in the U.K. shows 4 in 5 say they spent more time outside than kids do now. The same proportion of adults say they “believe that having access to nature has a positive effect on their wellbeing and mental health.”

And furthermore, 89 percent say they’d enjoy spending more time in nature.

“We spend up to 90% of our lives indoors and have become an indoor generation. The survey shows that British people do want to combat this, and it’s crucial that we find ways to let nature back into our daily lives again. Letting in natural light and fresh air to the home could be one among many ways to re-establish our connection to nature,” Peter Foldbjerg, energy and indoor climate expert and VELUX head of daylight, said.