MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The need for more resources for the Minneapolis Police Department has been front and center lately. Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo wants 400 more patrol officers — raising the number to 1,000 — by the year 2025.

On Wednesday, he shared his vision for change within the department to the Minneapolis City Council’s public safety committee, and the conversation came back again to resources.

Arradondo told the city council committee the foundation begins with the sanctity of life and trust. He said he will not tolerate discrimination but rather foster a department that treats all with respect.

“This vision statement is cloaked in the needs and the asks of our community,” Arradondo said.

The vision focuses on health and wellness of officers, and of accountability; misconduct will not be tolerated.

“Part of transformational change is truly releasing the grip of past practices that foster complacency and erodes accountability,” Arradondo said.

Arradondo’s plan is meant to give the council some clarity on public safety and staffing. Members took time to praise him but also question current policing. The chief said he believes he and the council want similar things for the city, but it’s a matter of working out how they get there.

“If we truly want the transformational change that we’re looking for, that’s going to require some support and resources,” Arradondo said.

Community members who showed up offered their support, with some citing the long wait times for officer response.

“We need more cops on the streets because people in Minneapolis have a right to have their calls for service answered in a timely manner,” one supporter said.

This conversation will continue in the weeks and months to come, with Mayor Jacob Frey presenting his budget in mid-August, which is expected to address police staffing. City council members vote on it in December.

Jennifer Mayerle