MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — First, it was a jail. Next, a dormitory for seasonal workers at Valleyfair.

Now, there’s a proposal to turn it into something very different.

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Scott County’s Health and Human Services Department has been exploring the possibility of turning 30 dorm rooms at the Regional Training Facility near Jordan into a temporary homeless shelter.

Currently, there aren’t any dedicated facilities in the county that serve the homeless.

“Just last month at one of our campgrounds … a family was living there because that was their last option,” said Sheriff Luke Hennen.

He says he supports the plan, but admits a lot of work needs to be done before it could become reality.

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“Is it a perfect idea? No. We are at a training facility. There are law enforcement, fire personnel coming in and out of here,” said Sheriff Hennen.

The location of the dormitory has been a source of opposition. At their meeting on Monday, some Jordan city council members voiced their concerns.

“Having 30 families there is obviously going to create a lot more burden, a lot more issues for us, a lot more [emergency] calls for us,” said one council member.

“It feels like you could just be putting a lot of people into our community and it’s not necessarily the greatest location for it,” said another member.

The idea is simply a concept right now. There are no concrete plans in place. If and when that time comes, the board at the Regional Training Facility would have final approval of the plan.

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Scott County would not run the proposed homeless shelter. It would look for another vendor or nonprofit to operate the facility.