MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Families who need a little extra support this summer can turn to the YMCA, even if they’re not members.

Starting Friday through the end of August, families can stop by their local YMCA to get free groceries.

The initiative is all to help families that may rely on reduced or free meals during the school year.

To fill this food gap, The Sheridan Story has prepped 10,000 bags of food that will be available throughout the community.

“Many children don’t have access to food in August when summer school is over and the new school year hasn’t started yet,” said Rob Williams, executive director of The Sheridan Story. “In fact, more than 15 percent of the children in Minnesota face empty kitchen cupboards. We are fortunate to partner with the YMCA and other partners to close the summer break food gap.”

The food bags will be available through August 30.

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