By Erin Hassanzadeh

ST. MICHAEL, Minn. (WCCO) — Some drivers in the far northwest metro woke up to an unwelcome sight this weekend. The Wright County Sheriff’s office is investigating a string of car thefts in the city of St. Michael.

Neighbors tell us they think at least 20 cars were broken into over the weekend. Drive by Daniel Snyder’s house in St. Michael and you’ll notice a new addition to his front yard.

“I was irritated,” said Snyder.

The sign in his front yard reads, “Thank you for breaking into my truck!!!”

Snyder is hoping to send a simple message.

“If it’s not yours, leave it alone,” said Snyder. “First thing I noticed, the seats were down.”

Someone ransacked Snyder’s car early Saturday morning.

“Then I looked at the glove box and that was spread all open,” Snyder said. “There was nothing taken. I think they were looking for change.”

After the initial shock, he realized he wasn’t alone. Since Friday, Wright County Deputies have responded to at least 14 reports of cases like this in St. Michael.

A couple of streets over from Snyder’s home, neighbors said that the thieves took a GPS, stereo system and a toolbox out of their unlocked cars. Another neighbor had his wallet stolen.

Kurt Sjelin doesn’t live far from Daniel Snyder. His truck bed cover was slashed early Saturday.

“It’s annoying,” Sjelin said. “This is probably that 250, 300 dollar range to replace that.”

According to neighbors, the thieves mostly went into unlocked cars but they broke in and took a wallet and backpack from one.

Snyder plans to install security cameras and already bought new flood lights to keep the thieves away.

“I spent 100 bucks on lights. Why? Why do that? You shouldn’t have to,” said Snyder.

The Wright County Sheriff’s office wants to remind people to lock up their valuables. They also ask anyone with information to contact them.

“Since [Aug. 9, 2019] Wright County Deputies have responded to multiple calls for service regarding theft from vehicles in the City of St Michael,” the Wright County Sheriff’s office said in a statement. “The Wright County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating these incidents and reminds the public to secure their valuables and contact law enforcement if they witness any suspicious activity.”

Erin Hassanzadeh