MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Nearly a month after two people were shot at a popular rooftop bar in downtown Minneapolis, WCCO-TV is learning how the business plans to prevent it from happening again.

The city ordered CRAVE on Hennepin Avenue to submit a security plan after a shooting there in the early morning hours of July 13.

Gunfire has erupted on several occasions this summer on weekend nights in the downtown Minneapolis’s entertainment district.

“I know gunshots when I hear them, that was definitely gunshots,” said witness Onyame Davis.

The most recent involved a man getting shot in the ankle outside Monarch Nightclub on First Avenue

“After the clubs is closed out here, it’s very chaotic,” Davis said.

After the CRAVE shooting, the city cited the restaurant for having inadequate security, and ordered management to submit a security plan, which WCCO-TV obtained. The detailed document states two off duty-police officers will be present. All guests will go through a thorough pat-down process and get checked by hand-held metal detectors. Bags and purses will also be searched.

The aftermath of the double shooting at CRAVE (credit: CBS)

“I feel like metal detectors may be a little extreme, but given the recent shootings, maybe it should be kind of a corrective action sort of thing,” said Minneapolis resident Mario Grant.

We have contacted CRAVE management several times to get a comment regarding the shooting and downtown violence. We also wanted to know what’s new or different within this security plan. We have not heard back.

Many downtown visitors we talked with this weekend feel the more security measures a bar or club can have, the better.

“I don’t mind being patted down. That makes me feel at least there’s a contingency plan in place in case something goes bad,” Grant said. “Makes me feel more safe as a resident.”

The document states that the security plan will be reviewed weekly for its effectiveness. The city will also inspect CRAVE and could penalize the business if it fails to comply with the plan.

Jeff Wagner