MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — For four decades, the sweets and treats inside Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store in Jordan have been the main attraction.

But this week, it is what is on the outside that is causing a sugar rush.

Early Sunday morning, a suspected drunk driver rammed into another car on Highway 169 and veered off the road, right into the side of the big, yellow barn. The crash left a huge hole in the middle of the candy store.

Plain plywood just wouldn’t do to patch up this mess. The candy store’s owner asked a friend to paint a mural of the scene of the crime, with some minor adjustments. The yellow roadside signs also got a makeover.

The first sign calls out the driver of the suspect vehicle, closely followed by two other signs that read, “I Guess You Could Hit The Broad Side of a Barn.”

“This is probably, I would say, one of the craziest. No one has ever drove into the store,” said owner Renee Wagner.

Nobody was hurt in all of this, and that is what counts to Wagner and her family. In the future, she hopes customers remember the drive-thru here was never open, and is now permanently closed.

In all, the owners think this crash caused $50,000 of damage to merchandise alone. The car went through the imported chocolate section of the store.

They do expect to have the hole patched up professionally by the end of this week.