MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Tammy Squalls says she never thought her loved ones would be hurt by the very people she called for help.

“Every time I shut my eyes, I see it over and over again and I couldn’t do anything about it,” Squalls said. “I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, its just horrible. I’m a nervous wreck. I did not want this to happen.”

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Squalls called police to her north Minneapolis home last Saturday night.

“The mom did call the police officers. They have a white mom and she did not know that when the police came they would end up tasing her daughter, immediately pushing her out of the house,” Minneapolis NAACP President Leslie Redmond said.

Redmond says pictures show Champaigne Hale’s injuries.

Champaigne Hale (credit: CBS)

She says her brother Lee was hurt when he laid on top of his sister to protect her from the officers taser.

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“In addition to being beat, thrown to the ground, tased, then these three siblings have been charged with felony charges,” Redmond said.

In a statement, Minneapolis police said, “Officers arrived, spoke to the victim and when they entered the residence to arrest the suspect, family members were uncooperative and interfered physically. Officers were outnumbered and additional squads were requested.”

“The main thing is to get the Hennepin County Attorney to drop these bogus charges that happen to us repeatedly. Whenever we have an encounter with police, it’s reversed on us that we hit them, we attacked them,” Spike Moss, founder of Freedom Now, Free the Land, said.

Minneapolis Police say someone punched an officer in the face, and another officer was kicked in the head by a handcuffed suspect.

An internal affairs investigation is underway.

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The family wants the body camera video released and a meeting with the governor.

Reg Chapman