MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Well it wouldn’t be the State Fair without goats. They are a staple, kind of like corn dogs or the giant slide.

And the goat barn has really grown over the years, with more and more families and farmers raising goats.

WCCO’s John Lauritsen caught up with one family who has been doing this for more than half a century.

“We show them here at the State Fair. We usually bring about 30 to 40 sometimes. Most we brought was 70 one year which was a lot,” Logan Penegor said.

Logan and Lyndsey Penegor live on a farm near Watertown. And even though they’re surrounded by cows, horses and chickens, it’s goats that keep them on their toes.

“They really love to chew everything,” Lyndsey Penegor said. “There’s one goat that loves to eat banana peels. And it was crazy because she ate the whole thing in one bite.”

“I’ve seen them eat Fruit Roll-ups and Pop-Tarts before,” Logan Penegor added. “Any food they see you eat they’ll actually want to eat it too.”

The brother and sister duo began showing goats at the State Fair when they were both 6-years-old. The names and the goats have changed over the years but their love for doing this hasn’t.

“It’s super fun as a little kid to show the goat and have your parents behind you and help you. It’s a really cool experience that a lot of people should have,” Lyndsey Penegor said.

“Last year we had a champion with one of our goats and that was awesome,” Logan Penegor said.

From the bleats and baaas, to the roles these animals play on the farm, Logan and Lyndsey wouldn’t have it any other way.

“She’s really a nice goat, she’s really compatible and I really love her,” Lyndsey Penegor added.

John Lauritsen