MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Public safety officials at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities are notifying the public about another robbery on campus this week. Police are now trying to track down two robbers.

Officials say a person was assaulted and robbed around 8:45 p.m. Thursday near the intersection of 19th Avenue South and South 4th Street on the west bank of the campus.

The victim, approached by two men on bikes, was punched, kicked and then robbed of their cellphone.

“Our officers were there almost immediately and talked to the victim. We looked for the two suspects. We were unable to locate them,” University of Minnesota Police Department Chief Matt Clark said.

Clark says investigators have some leads on the robbers thanks to cameras in the area.

“I don’t have a full description on them. I saw a brief video this morning that investigators are looking at. We’re reviewing that video,” Clark said.

On Tuesday, another person reported being knocked over and robbed by two men.

Word spread quickly about the latest robbery on campus. With move-in day not far away, law enforcement hopes to put new students and parents at ease about campus life in an urban area.

University police are adding 10 full-time security officers. They will walk through buildings and serve as extra eyes and ears around campus. They will also help with the campus escort program.

“Every year that I’ve been here, we’ve had an increase in request for escorts so we have the 624 walk program: 612-624 walk. Our security officers walk around with students, faculty and staff. They are happy to escort them anywhere on campus,” Clark said.

Clark says students should make sure they walk in pairs, especially at night. Students and staff say with the increase in crime near campus, they all now watch out for each other and follow a few simple rules: walk with purpose and be aware of surroundings.

University police are working with Minneapolis officers to catch the people behind the recent rash of robberies in and around campus.

Reg Chapman