By Kate Raddatz

BLAINE, Minn. (WCCO) — A circus performer is recovering after she was struck in the neck by an arrow during a live performance in Blaine.

It happened Friday night at the Cirque Italia Water Circus outside the Northtown Mall. The 28-year-old woman was injured when her partner accidentally missed his target while performing an act with a crossbow.

They are a husband, 31, and wife duo that has been performing for years.

“The people who work in the show — the ushers and the crew — realized right away,” circus performer Samantha Kulinski said.

The woman was hit in the neck and managed to quickly walk off stage as staff called for help. The performance went to intermission when circus officials announced to the audience that the performer was being taken care of. She was taken to the hospital and the show went on.

“We want everyone to know we take safety very seriously,” Kulinski said.

Circus officials say the man had performed the stunt for a decade with no mistakes. Blaine police are not investigating the accident as a criminal case.

“We all love what we do. She loves what she does, and we’re going to come out of it even stronger than before,” Kulinski said.

The victim was taken here to a hospital in downtown Minneapolis for surgery to remove the arrow. Circus officials say she is expected to be okay and can return to perform soon.

Cirque Italia Water Circus has several more shows planned in the Twin Cities over the next week.

Kate Raddatz