MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Roseau County Sheriff’s office is alerting the public about a missing Canadian soldier who may be in northern Minnesota.

Patrik Jordan Mathews, from Manitoba, went missing on August 24, according to Canada’s GlobalNews. His truck was found about four miles north of the United States border near Minnesota’s Lost River State Forest.

Patrik Mathews (credit: Roseau Co. Sheriff’s Office)

Mathews, who has a background in explosives, is alleged to have ties to a white supremacist network, and may be actively recruiting members. Reports says Mathews was discharged from the Canadian Army Reserve due to his ties to hate groups.

The sheriff’s office dispelled a rumor that Mathews is involved in a homicide, and instead consider him a missing person. They stress that Mathews is not to be approached, and anyone who encounters him is urged to call them at 218-463-1421, or call U.S. Border Patrol at 701-775-6259.