By Marielle Mohs

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO0 — Mike Veeck, one of the owners of the St. Paul Saints, might miss his team playing their first home game of the minor league playoffs.

He’s stuck at his home in Charleston, South Carolina because the Charleston Airport closed down Wednesday due to Hurricane Dorian near the coast line.

“I’d like to be there for Saturday or Sunday in St. Paul at CHS [Field],” said Veeck.

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A representative with Charleston Airport says they hope to re-open by Friday, but in case they don’t, Veeck has final thoughts he wants to share with the players.

“Pay attention to George [Tsamis],” he said. “Let’s have a lot of fun, and go Saints!”

While he remains stranded, he’s keeping busy by thinking of the others Dorian has already impacted.

“We’re collecting items already to ship off to the Bahamas because those are the people who have really struggled,” said Veeck.

Marielle Mohs