By Kate Raddatz

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – After bedbugs were found in iPads issued to students, St. Paul Public Schools is asking students and parents to keep the devices clean.

WCCO’S Kate Raddatz shares how many were affected and what you can do to keep your tablet bug-free.

In a letter that went home to families in the St Paul Public School District officials warned parents of “dirty iPad protector cases” after a spokesperson said bed bugs were discovered in five district-issued tablets.

“It was kind of gross,” one student said.

She’s a junior at Como Park High School but was not one of the students who had a bed bug issue with their tablet, which are used for school work throughout the year.

“Everyone gets an iPad at the beginning of the year and then we return them at the end of the year, but students were supposed to clean them at the end of the year but you don’t have to take your case off,” the student added.

That’s why the district encouraged students to take their tablets out of their cases to thoroughly clean the case and keyboard with a window cleaner to kill any bacteria.

In a statement to WCCO a spokesperson for St Paul Public Schools said in part:

“There is no indication of the presence of any additional pests in any other iPads. However, as the health and safety of our students are our highest priorities, we felt it was responsible and prudent to ask families to maintain the cleanliness of the devices.”

Both high school and middle school students are allowed to bring their iPads home at the end of the day, while elementary school students do not.

A spokesperson for the district said there were 5 iPads affected out of the 17,000 they have in the district.

Kate Raddatz

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