By Marielle Mohs

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — More than a dozen sidewalks and crosswalks are under construction in a popular Twin Cities neighborhood right now.

The city of Minneapolis Public Works wants to help make the North Loop neighborhood safer for pedestrians by extending the sidewalks further out into the street about six feet. It’s so pedestrians can see oncoming traffic more clearly.

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Public works is calling it their Pedestrian Enhancement Project, which they started construction for back in June and hope to wrap up by mid-October.

16 intersections between 10th St. N and 1st. St. N. are being re-done as part of this project. Part of the renovation is also making all the intersections ADA compliant.

North Loop resident Calley O’Neil is in big favor of the project, who’s concerned for her dog’s safety when they go for walks.

“I would say for the most part you have to be a really defensive walker,” said O’Neil, “I hope that it will deter people from rolling through stop signs and people from taking up the walk space with their cars.”

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However, some North Loop residents say the change isn’t needed.

“I don’t really see how much it will change personally,” said Frances Hong, “I would say it’s more of an inconvenience at this point, there’s a lot of construction everywhere.”

Come winter, Minneapolis Public Works says these sidewalk bump-outs are difficult for snowplows to maneuver around. However, bump-outs have been added to other high traffic Minneapolis neighborhoods and plows are learning to adjust.

“It will be good to like check ourselves before we wreck ourselves kinda situation, ya know?” said O’Neil.

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Marielle Mohs