MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After three games in a row of at least 100 yards to start the season, Dalvin Cook leads the NFL with an eye-popping 375 yards already.

And there’s probably nobody happier about it than head coach Mike Zimmer. Through three games, running for nearly 200 yards a game, it’s hard to argue with success.

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“Bottom line is score points, and I think we scored, how many yesterday? Thirty four? Thirty seven, or something like that? And the first week we scored … 28 or something like that? So the bottom line is to score points, doesn’t matter how we do it,” Zimmer said.

But the fact is, it has mattered to Mike Zimmer how they do it. He’s been harping on it since last season. Even as they were throwing it all over everyone last year, he wanted to run it more. So the fact that they’re having success running exactly the kind of offense they want to run?

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Mike Zimmer (credit: CBS)

“The first play-action touchdown that we threw was partly because of the run game. You know, guys sucking up on the run, so when those things happen, typically good things happen in play action, which I’ve been saying for many, many years,” Zimmer said.

But at risk of sounding like a Debbie Downer, a lot of the Vikings’ success running the ball has been helped by game situations. They actually threw more passes against the Green Bay Packers than they did in the other two games combined. And they know not every game is one where they’ll be able to run it over and over up 21 points.

“It’ll be harder to run the ball this week. You know, these guys are a load up front, so, you know, it may be a different ball game this week,” he said.

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But not if Mike Zimmer can help it.