MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Once again the Vikings’ offense was most effective on the ground: a throw for 174 and a run for 211.

The game was against the Raiders, who were pretty much easy prey on the field, but these numbers tell us an interesting story that we’ll keep an eye on as the season goes on.

Dalvin Cook, with 33 receiving yards, 110 rushing yards and one touchdown, is the Vikings’ proven offensive workhorse.

“I just credit the guys, like, Thielen and the guys in the locker room just [standing] behind me 1,000%,” Cook said. “That [makes] me want to just work and just leave it all on the line for those guys because they stood behind me 100% when I was having my ups and downs.”

With no shock, the bulk of the Vikings’ offensive production again came from the ground game, even leading to Alexander Mattison’s memorable first career touchdown.

“We’ve been running the ball a lot, so teams have to respect that, and if they don’t respect it we’re just going to keep running the ball,” Vikings’ Irv Smith said. “I feel like if you can be both-sided, keep the defense on their toes, it’s impossible to stop.”

This gives the Vikings freedom to balance the attack — which they’re starting to do.

“If we can play off that, it’s going to open up things in the past game,” Vikings’ Adam Thielen said. “It’s good to come out of a victory and have things to clean up.”

Norman Seawright III