MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Two former officials with one of the state’s licensed medical marijuana manufacturers have been ordered to complete community service after being accused of illegally shipping oil.

Laura Bultman and Ronald Owens worked for Minnesota Medical Solutions. They both were ordered to complete 80 hours of community service within 6 months. The trial was waived and did not require a guilty plea entered.

Bultman and Owens are accused of illegally transferring cannabis oil to another facility in New York. Crossing state lines violates federal law. The two are accused of collaborating to remedy a product shortfall.

Minnesota Medical Solutions based in Otsego is one of two medical marijuana distributors in the state. It prescribes pills, liquids and vapors to help people with medical conditions.

The judge will dismiss the case against the Bultman and Owens once they each complete 80 hours of community service, which is to be done by March 26, 2020.