By Esme Murphy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Governor Tim Walz is weighing in on the move towards impeachment of President Donald Trump.

On Monday, Walz spoke with WCCO’s Esme Murphy after making an appearance at St. Paul’s E-Stem Middle School, which just received a $100,000 grant for workout equipment.

Walz, a former member of Congress, says there is enough to move forward with an impeachment inquiry.

“An inquiry let’s us know. There’s reasons to be deeply concerned that we have a chief executive talking to a foreign government about interfering in our elections. And I think that warrants giving it a look,” he said.

Walz said that while oversight is important, he hopes Congress can get other work done, too.

A whistleblower accuses President Trump of pressuring the President of Ukraine to investigate his political rivals. President Trump says he did nothing wrong.

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Walz said he would not be greeting President Trump when he arrives in Minnesota for a campaign stop on Oct. 10. He said he will be attending the long scheduled banquet in Austin for the Governor’s Pheasant opener.

Esme Murphy