MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A playground is supposed to be one of the most fun places there is for kids. But for kids with disabilities, a playground can be useless.

Typically playgrounds don’t meet the needs of kids with physical challenges. One Waconia boy understands that first hand. Quinn Larson is taking on the situation as his mission

Quinn fell from a window when he was 4, then lost his hearing from meningitis.

“Even through all of the tragedies, you know, and we’re having a hard time smiling, we just look at him because he’s always got a smile on his face,” said Amy Larson, Quinn’s mother.

Quinn can’t speak, but he can clearly communicate.

“This kid loves people so much,” said Curtis Larson, Quinn’s father.

Quinn Larson (credit: CBS)

He loves people so much that when Make-A-Wish gave him $5,000, he gave it to the city of Waconia to build an accessible, inclusive playground. The plans are in the works for wheelchair-friendly surfaces, accessible equipment and more. Standard slides have static and mess with Quinn’s cochlear implants. The one he needs is $40,000. But Quinn has hope, and so does his sister Nora.

“I want to watch him swing and go down slides,” Nora said.

And Quinn is a boy with a dream.

“If you build it they will come, right?” Curtis said.

There are a few more steps to making this dream come true. They need about $400,000. The hope is to have this thing going by 2023.

The project will cost $600,000 total, and the city of Waconia is also pitching in.

Two ways to donate: Via GoFundMe and on Waconia’s city website.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield