MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s do or die for the Minnesota Twins. If they win tonight’s game against the New York Yankees, they stay alive in the playoffs. If they lose, the season is over.

Last month, WCCO told you about the three Twins fans who decided it was time to appeal to a higher power regarding their beloved team. Lo and behold, the team earned 101 wins. Unfortunately, so far they’ve had nothing but losses in the postseason and time’s just about out.

And so on Monday, with so much on the line, WCCO’s David McCoy went back to the Shrine of the Soaring Baseball, in search of a miracle.

Pull up a chair in Darby’s Pub, and owner Marcus Dorn will tell you all about their secret weapon.

“If ever we needed the power of the shrine, it’s this evening,” Dorn said. “They’re like, ‘We keep hearing about this shrine. Where’s it at?’ You walk in from the patio and it’s right around the corner. They say, ‘You’ve had it up all season?’ And we say, ‘Yeah!’ We like to think it’s had a little something to do with the Twins.”

Dorn says the first day they put the shrine up the Twins went back-to-back-to-back home runs at Target Field. They thought maybe they were onto something. That was back in April, and a whole ton of success followed, leading to the second-most regular season wins in team history.

Full of memorabilia from its creators’ personal collections, as well as some timely deals on Craigslist, it’s an homage to the winners of years gone by and the heroes of the present.

And though it’s apparently been down for maintenance the last couple games, Dorn is hoping it can conjure up what the Twins need, when they need it most.

“As long as they believe, I still believe too. And you get every indication that they still believe they can come back to win three in a row, and it’s not like they haven’t done it all year long. It’s been a very good baseball team that’s capable of doing anything,” Dorn said.