By Marielle Mohs

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) —  A superstar singer and rapper will perform two sold-out shows this week in Minneapolis.

Lizzo got her start right here in Minnesota. Her song, “Truth Hurts,” has sat on top of the Billboard charts for six weeks in a row.

WCCO’s Marielle Mohs shows us the unique way Lizzo is influencing Minnesota musicians.

“We got here at 7 a.m,” Savannah Sevoy said.

That ‘1’ on her hand means evoy is first in line to see Lizzo at the Armory for her sold-out show Wednesday night.

Both shows on Wednesday and Friday are sold out — something to be expected for a homecoming.

“It feels like it’s a lot more personal, a lot more special knowing she’s playing in her hometown instead of just some random city,” xx said.

This is Lizzo in Minneapolis back in 2014. WCCO interviewed indie-folk singer Caroline Smith, who at the time was teaming up with Lizzo for a show at First Ave.

Here Lizzo was not the star, but just a few years later that completely changed.

Performing on the Late Show with David Letterman and then came her breakout album “Cuz I love You” – which released earlier this year. Her tour selling out shows across the country, not just in Minneapolis.

“I feel like she’s someone who is inspiring a lot of people,” xx said.

Especially inspiring young band members like Paige Hennen, a junior flute player for the Robbinsdale-Cooper band.

“I was on Instagram one day and I was scrolling through the explore page and a video popped of Lizzo playing the flute,” Hennen said. “Someone in pop culture music is playing the flute, live, during a concert, like I’ve never seen that before.”

And at Champlin Park High school this fall, their band is playing the song “Juice” one of Lizzo’s top hits.

“I think it changes everyone’s perception like ‘oh there is a difference between nerd and marching band they don’t correlate all the time,” xx said.

Although both shows are sold out there are still resale tickets available for tonight and Friday. The most expensive one on StubHub for Wednesday’s show is over $700.

Marielle Mohs