MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A University of Minnesota professor suspended for sexual harassment has stopped teaching classes shortly after coming back to campus. 

As first reported by the Minnesota Daily, Jim Ron, a tenured professor at the university’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs, will no longer teach following discipline for sexual harassment. Humphrey School Dean Laura Bloomberg told students Ron would no longer be teaching his two classes in an email sent Friday and since obtained by WCCO. 

“As many of you know, as of this past week, Professor Ron is not teaching the fall semester courses he had been teaching at the Humphrey School. We have put alternate plans in place to cover these courses. Our primary goal right now is to minimize any disruption this may cause for students enrolled in these classes,” the email read.

University spokesperson Caitlin Hurley said Tuesday Ron is still an employee of the university but could not comment further.

Ron faced allegations of sexual harassment in spring 2018. After an investigation by the school’s office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action into Ron’s conduct, he was suspended without pay last academic year. 

Ron, along with Jason Cao, another professor also disciplined for sexual harassment, returned to campus this fall, Bloomberg told partners and members of the college in an email last month. The two professors were given some restrictions for working with students. 

The issue has since seen widespread attention, with both students and faculty calling for further action on the university’s part. 

University law professor Richard Painter questioned the time it took for the university to investigate the incident on Twitter.