MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Carlton County Attorney’s office says the use of deadly force by a sergeant against Shawn Olthoff in his mother’s Moose Lake residence in July was justified.

An arrest warrant for Olthoff was executed on July 29 at the Hillside Terraces Mobile Home Park, two days after authorities say he pointed a gun at an officer during a traffic stop before fleeing the scene. Law enforcement entered the residence, then fired a stun grenade inside.

Shawn Olthoff (credit: St. Louis County Jail)

Carlton County Sergeant Jason Wornygora told investigators he believed Olthoff was about to fire on him and other members of the county’s consolidated emergency response team, so he fired two rounds at Olthoff.

County Attorney Lauri Ketola says Sgt. Wornygora was justified in shooting Olthoff, who survived with permanent injuries.

The shooting was investigated by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.