MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A University of Minnesota student’s video of his crash on an electric scooter has gained traction online. 

Reddit user dsmith0308, a student by the name of David Smith, posted the video to a university sub-Reddit earlier this week. The video shows Smith riding an electric scooter on the University Avenue Southeast and 17th Avenue Southeast near campus without the right of way when a car strikes him. 

The video description starts out “I got hit by a car a month ago and survived.”

The University of Minnesota also provided WCCO with the video in question.

Smith goes on to explain in the post’s comments that he was responsible for the crash but that the scooter or car were not damaged in the accident. 

“As I was going down University Ave in the right bike lane, I had a slight thought in my head that I could make it across the intersection and make it onto the sidewalk of 17th Ave. As seen in the video, that didn’t work out so well. Luckily, there were no damages done to the car or the scooter,” Smith told WCCO in an email.

The video has inspired a number of memes on the site as well. Despite being in the accident, Smith said in the comments that he found the memes humorous.

Smith did go to the hospital following the incident, but did not suffer any broken bones. While Smith used crutches to get around the day of the accident, he did not need them by the next day. 

“The next day when I woke up, I was able to walk a lot better than I could the day before and I was able to walk to Raising Canes and get some chicken with a friend,” Smith writes.

The post had more than 200 up votes and more than 40 comments on Wednesday. And most of the sub-Reddit’s front page Wednesday morning was filled with memes riffing on the image.

When asked for comment, a university spokesperson referred to campus rules for electric scooter use, including using available bike lanes and obeying traffic laws.