By Kate Raddatz

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The traditional model of a shopping mall started as a couple of major anchor stores, followed by a series of smaller shops indoors.

But for many malls, that model isn’t working.

University of Minnesota marketing professor George John says it’s not just online shopping to blame.

“We’ve just fragmented our shopping experience. We don’t go to the mall every week, go see what’s new out there, and go shop the other places,” said John.

Malls and stores are trying to keep up with the times.

Rosedale Mall is planning a $100 million renovation that will include a hotel, grocery store and fitness center.

Eden Prairie Center’s new Scheels is planning a 16-thousand gallon saltwater aquarium and a Ferris wheel.

“They’re repurposing the real estate in different ways. You get entertainment options, you get restaurants and swim schools, yoga stores, non-traditional retail,” said John.

Outside Southdale Mall, the new Restoration Hardware is an instagrammer’s dream, from the bottom of the floating staircase to the top of the glass enclosed rooftop restaurant.

When you start your holiday shopping this year, it’s likely you’ll see more entertainment options at your mall to get you to stay a while.

“The metro area is healthy, consumers are shopping, it’s just a question of picking up my share of it, so I think you’ll see more successes in the metro areas,” said John.

Kate Raddatz