MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Being a young mom can be isolating. Now a new app is helping moms meet with a simple swipe.

Erin Wee knew she had moved into a different stage of life when her single friends bailed on her last minute.

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“I had already arranged childcare and was super excited to get out of the house,” she said.

But meeting other young moms? Easier said than done.

“I feel nervous about approaching other moms at parks and I’m sure I look like somebody who doesn’t want to be approached when I’m chasing my kids,” she said. “I literally just googled how do I make mom friends and this app came up and I’m like okay sure let’s try Peanut.”

Peanut is an app that connects mothers. Moms create a profile, pick three characteristics that describe themselves and swipe up to say “hi”, down for “maybe later”.

Since joining, Erin has dated three moms. One of them is Sophia Pachito. On a playdate at a nature center the moms can use the time to relate, vent or share advice.

“It’s like a brand new journey everyday with motherhood, it’s really helped to have people to lean on and know you’re not the only person going through certain phases,” Sophia said.

“I had one mom and she was like my late night nursing bestie,” Erin said. “Whenever I was up in the middle of the night nursing she was too and we’d be able to message back and forth.”

Whether it’s messaging or meeting up, therapists say social connection is vital for the health of moms and the whole family.

“We know that social relationships are so important to our wellbeing and when moms don’t have the kind of support that they need and you can get support in a lot of ways you can get it from friends you can get it from family, but if you don’t have it it’s going to be hard for you to just find joy in your life,” said Kirsten Seal Lind, a therapist.

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WCCO’s Kim Johnson wanted to see what other moms in the Twin Cities think of the app. So with the help of her Godson, she created a profile and made some connections.

One told her “it’s just a good tool and resource, especially for new moms who can sometimes feel isolated.” Another says she is still struggling to meet moms writing, “I’ve learned that women are more likely to ghost you than men.” And another mom says she joined to “find friendships”, not based around the kids.

Leaving the kids at home for a glass of wine is what drew two other moms together.

“Ali is actually the only person I’ve met up with,” said Christy McCabe.

Christy and Ali Van Straten hit it off right away despite the blind date butterflies.

“It’s like do they like me? I don’t know if I like them, is this going to go any further?” said Christy.

But their appreciation for meeting one-on-one makes them a solid match.

“Outside of Christy I don’t have a lot of mom friends in real life, nice to go for a walk and talk to someone and have them relate to you,” Ali said.

And happy hours like these have led to two happier mamas.

“You need friends, you definitely need friends especially being a mom, you need that support system,” Ali said.

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Some of the moms told Kim when choosing a mom they also consider if their husbands or partners would make a good match. Once the moms get close often next come family dates and potentially dad dates.