By Marielle Mohs

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The University of Minnesota’s football team proved it is worth the hype Saturday after a 31-26 win over Penn State, putting the Gophers in a 9-0 winning streak. Being a sold out game, crowds and excitement were also all around TCF Bank Stadium.

The energy was electric inside the stadium and at watch parties around the campus.

It was an early start for Gophers tailgating outside the stadium — and an early start for Gophers on the scoreboard.

It’s the first time the team has had a 9-0 record since 1904.

“We all expected something bad to happen,” Gopher fan Dave Richoz said. “I don’t know what it is about this town but we’re always ready for the shoe to drop, but it never did.”

The Gophers beat out another 8-0 record team: number four ranked Penn State. But the State fans WCCO talked to were impressed with Gopher fans just as much as they were the team.

“Everybody’s been so nice,” said Penn State fans Chris Ballas and John Madas. “Just very warm and welcoming. The people behind me have made this loss so much easier — just the sweetest, nicest people ever.”

As for the Gophers, they’re ready to keep on rowing.

“Undefeated the rest of the year,” one fan said. “Let’s go!”

The undefeated Gophers play Iowa next Saturday.

Marielle Mohs