By Kate Raddatz

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – It was a chilly morning for hundreds of people in Shakopee Tuesday. CenterPoint Energy says there was an interruption in one of its pipeline systems overnight.

The company had to shut-off gas service in-and-around downtown to fix it, leaving hundreds of customers without heat.

For many, that meant they spent hours without heat on a frigid cold day.

Heather Campbell woke up to her home feeling a little chiller than usual.

“We had it set to 69 and it was 59 and so I had figured something was out,” Campbell explained.

Around 600 customers were out of natural gas. CenterPoint had to shut it off overnight to repair the connection on a gas regulator.

Homes and businesses around downtown were impacted.

“I ran home and got a couple of heaters, one of the other girls brought a heater, someone just came with the fourth heater now,” Marjun Cole, owner of Saks Salon said.

Saks Salon kept their hairdryers on to generate some heat.

The Domino’s Pizza across the street had to close for several hours, as their stoves didn’t work.

“We kept getting orders, had to call a lot of customers back saying ‘hey can’t make your pizzas don’t have ovens at this time,’” Jonathon Pierson, Shakopee Domino’s Pizza Manager said.

The gas came back on at about 1 p.m. Tuesday. CenterPoint workers were going door to door to turn gas back on.

Campbell was prepared to spend a chilly day working from home but the heat came on earlier in the day.

“I have blankets. Excessive amount of blankets,” Campbell said.

CenterPoint told WCCO they have already repaired that connection on the gas regulator. And as of late Tuesday night, all but 17 costumers have had their service restored.

Kate Raddatz