MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Vikings’ 20-point comeback win over the Broncos on Sunday is bringing back memories or other unforgettable rallies in franchise history.

The biggest one was in 1977.

Quarterback Tommy Kramer, in his debut season with the team, led the Vikings to an incredible win against San Francisco despite a 24-point deficit.

On that frigid December day at Met Stadium, when many fans had left the outdoor seating to watch the game on TV, the Vikings won 28-27, helping to secure their place in the playoffs.

Another big comeback happened in 1985, when the team trailed Philadelphia by 23 points.

Enter quarterback Charles Wade Wilson. He helped his team to score four touchdowns to secure a 28-23 win for the Vikings. Again, the game was on a cold December day. However, this time it was at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia.