MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It would have been bad enough to have been pulled over for allegedly driving while intoxicated. However, a recent incident in a western Wisconsin city pushed the narrative further into the realm of mortification.

According to reports, the Chippewa Falls Police Department says the pullover in question happened Nov. 15, after a vehicle was observed swerving on the roads.

Officer Scott Schoenwetter reported the suspect, who was not immediately identified but according to local reports was a man, failed the field sobriety tests.

Then, Schoenwetter noticed the license plates were not actually registered to the vehicle being driven.

Instead, upon further investigation, they were found to be faked licenses that were painted out on Hamm’s beer boxes.

“Maybe they are legal in the THE LAND OF SKY BLUE WATERS just not here in Chippewa Falls!!!,” the department wrote on Facebook.