MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s proposed budget will now put resources toward recruiting and training a new class of police officers. 

On Friday morning, the mayor and city council members Steve Fletcher, Lisa Goodman and Phillipe Cunningham announced a number of budget amendments. According to a press release, the changes aim to boost the number of officers on the department’s staff toward its sworn capacity while reducing violence in the city through investments in officer training.

According to a spokesperson from Frey’s office, the changes will add more sworn officer’s to the city’s force. 

Council President Lisa Bender expressed her support of the amendment on Twitter, stating that it keeps officer numbers steady, helping to close a gap in staffing and eliminate overtime officers. 

Previously, the mayor’s budget had sought to add 14 new officers that would have served in traffic, investigations and beat roles. 

A group called Reclaim the Block asked for investments in anti-violence programs instead of more officers at a Wednesday public hearing. 

When Frey introduced the budget in August, the proposal was also met with protests, which forced Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins to recess the meeting. 

Additional amendments would also add funding to the Office of Violence Prevention, among other programs. 

“By renewing and expanding our investments in violence prevention, we’re sending a message to everyone in the city that community violence prevention is core to our city’s vision, values and work,” said Fletcher in a statement.  “The Mayor and the Council have worked together to achieve an agreement that makes MPD staffing more predictable and transparent, and commits resources to safety strategies centered on the experiences of those most impacted by violence in our city.”

The council will vote to adopt a final budget on Dec. 11.