By Katie Steiner

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Sunday was the last day above-average before our temperatures plummet — and there were plenty of Minnesotans taking advantage of it.

WCCO’s Katie Steiner spent the morning at Hansen’s Tree Farm in Anoka, where people used the day to check a couple things off that holiday list.

The O’Halloren family found their tree Saturday. This is the second year of their family tradition, and the weather cooperated way more this year.

“It was really pleasant,” Jane O’Halloren said. “It was super cold last year when we came here, everyone had to bundle up, we all wore snow pants, and I remember us getting really cold, but it was really nice today!”

(credit: CBS) The Brockmann Family

But people didn’t just find a tree at the farm, they also found their holiday photo. Photographer Jessie Strobel brought her family out to take pictures. Sunday’s weather was perfect.

“Actually it is, it’s cloudy out and it’s warm,” Strobel said.

Kale and Stephani Brockmann brought their 2-month-old baby, Kennedi, to take some family photos.

“Today is the perfect day,” Stephani said. “It’s one of the last nice days of the year. We are out here, it’s perfect weather, gorgeous tree farm. We are really happy to be here.”

Saturday’s mildness will all be but a sweet memory by Monday morning, after several inches of snow have fallen across the state. Negative-digit lows will reign for much of the coming week.

Katie Steiner