MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Earlier this week, X-rays revealed that a dog at the Dunn County Humane Society had bullet fragments in its jaw.

Dustin came to the shelter in November as a stray. It was clear to the shelter employees that the dog’s jaw was disfigured, but they didn’t know why.

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“He’s got some teeth that are sticking out, some roots that are kind of exposed,” said kennel manager Jamie Wagner.

After a few weeks of no one claiming the stray dog, the shelter put Dustin under anesthesia to get him neutered, and they did X-rays on his jaw — where they found the bullet fragments.

“For some reason, someone shot him in the face at one point,” Wagner said.

She says there will be no criminal investigation into this shooting because Dustin is a stray, and police are unable to track where the bullet came from and how long ago the shooting happened.

But before Dustin can get adopted out, the humane society wants him to get reconstruction surgery to fix his jaw, which costs $2,400 — something this nonprofit shelter cannot expense. So they reached out on Facebook to the community for help.

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“Within about seven, eight hours we got to the total we were hoping to get, and we’re still getting more donations in,” Wagner said.

She says they are continuing to get donations, which they will put towards the dental surgeries for other dogs.

Dunn County Humane Society is the same shelter that restored the life of Gabriel back in November, another story of animal abuse. On Wednesday, Gabriel gained the 40 pounds he needed to be ready for adoption, and was placed in foster care.

Although both of these abuse stories end in success, this shelter is still left trying to understand why people harm animals, and why the animals continue to love anyways.

“It boggles my mind, the pain and suffering that they go through, yet still are so loving and so willing to trust, it’s really just amazing,” Wagner said.

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Click here to donate to the shelter’s dental fund.

Marielle Mohs