MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Late-breaking candidate for the Democratic presidential ticket Mike Bloomberg is scheduled to take his campaign to Minnesota this week.

According to his campaign, Bloomberg will be visiting three states Wednesday, targeting places that he says have been shortchanged by President Donald Trump.

Among the places Bloomberg will visit is Wells, Minnesota. His planner says he “will visit the Johnson family farm to hear directly from owner Darin Johnson and others in the community about rural economic issues.”

Darin Johnson is a fourth generation soybean farmer in Minnesota. The visit is scheduled for early Wednesday afternoon.

The Wells stop is bookended by a stop at Chicago’s Olive-Harvey College, and a day-wrapping visit to Bounce Innovation Hub in Akron, Ohio.

Bloomberg just bought a 60-second ad to air nationally during the Super Bowl, the highest-watched television event of the year, according to CBS News. The ad came at a cost of about $10 million.

Bloomberg’s campaign has spent the most on TV ads at this point in the campaign, with an outlay of $143 million.