MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There is about 5 inches of snow on the ground in the Twin Cities Tuesday night — and that number could double by this weekend.

WCCO Meteorologist Chris Shaffer says there will be two rounds of snow in the next three days. Wednesday will be more or less like our last couple recent storms – but Friday is shaping up to be a whopper.

A Winter Weather Advisory will be in effect overnight Wednesday in northern Iowa and in a couple southeastern Minnesota counties due to the brief threat of freezing rain. Another advisory is for north of the Twin Cities, where Wednesday’s storm could drop the most snow.

The storm will arrive in the Twin Cities by the Wednesday morning commute, but it will exit the state by the early afternoon.

Snow totals across Minnesota range from less than an inch to about 3 inches. The Twin Cities will be near the higher end, with about 2-and-a-half inches expected.

Thursday will be snow-free and sunny, but it will be cold, with single-digit temperatures for most of the state. The northwestern corner of Minnesota may drop slightly below zero. Friday will perhaps be the only day with above-average temperatures in the near future, with the forecasted high in the mid-20s. But proper January cold will then take over.

Early models for Friday’s storm are showing anywhere from 4-8 inches — while others reach the one-foot mark.